Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Sometimes there's a moment when you look around at the talent around you. The talent proper might not still be in the house with you...but you look and think "How awesome is this?!" I have several (and many!) favorite people but the two that take the top of that list consistently just shine when I look at this wall right now:

What a wonderful start to kick of Valentine's season! (There can be a season, right?? A season of looooove...) JMom brought over this Valentine's countdown for Homey. Little treats and surprises in each envelope...how enchanting! It's just lovely...

Look! Look at the little birds on the paper! Precious. Along with the precious envelopes of treats.

Answer me this...when is it not fun to buy surprises for children. NEVER. Never is the answer. It is always fun and beneficial and enchanting to buy children surprises!

But what's funny about this one is that it made me take notice of the hook we hung it on...Scroll back up...Mr. B made me this ledge with hooks modeled after a page in my "Keep this page out of a magazine because I love it" binder. Made it from scratch.

Painted it.

Wrapped that bad boy up and put it under the tree on Christmas eve a couple of years ago.

I love this part of my house. It's one that doesn't need changin' (I change and move everything regularly. It's annoying even to me.)

I change the hooks out for seasons (and if your coat or hat matches my living room you can hang it there!). But the shelf on top...I'm used to it being there, so I don't study it so often anymore...holds delightful images. Awesome sepia images that make my heart happy:

This picture just makes me want to squeeze those chunky legs. And I am SO not consigning that bubble from Gymboree. This is classic Homey...survey the situation before you barrel in and play hard.

Then there's this:

Sweet picture...Hubby with coffee at the cabin on Homey's 2nd Thanksgiving. I love this shot. It's just the essence of the day ("Hey what are you doin'?, "Chillin' and full, you?")

What started out as an overexposed moment between Daddy and Daughter became priceless to me in sepia.

And the newest:

It came in the form of a Christmas card. My niece and nephew continue to be some of the cutest kids on the planet. No bias...it's the honest truth! This picture looks right at home with the Homey in Sepia homage (it's absolutely pronounced "oh-modge"...lol! Makes me think of the "endive commercial".)


Seeing the start of my Valentine's display with JMom's craftiness on my homemade, better than I could find in a store, hooks just warms my heart! Favorite people=happy thoughts, and that's what i want my house to be. A place where Happy Thoughts live and thrive. Enchantment is a staple here.