Monday, December 1, 2014

Greeting the Season

Most likely there's no secret that I'm the biggest fan of magic, childhood, fantasy, and enchantment.  So obviously, it's my most favorite time of year.  There are lights, music, wonderful smells, and surprises at every turn.  A feast for the senses! 
It might help that I never quite stopped believing in Santa.  I consider it a huge honor as a parent to assist in the joy and wonder all year long, but especially now.
I've honestly had too many ideas and pictures to share, which has overwhelmed me...leading me to do, well nothing really.  But I will say that those ideas and pictures have meant that we've been having fun, creating memories, and going through the day to day rather enchantingly (minus the 3rd grade homework). 

So let's just jump back on the blog-my-life train here.  Right now.  My favorite traditional start of Greeting the Season is having the cousins for a spend-over on Thanksgiving.  There is so much classic and creative play, I almost get distracted from pulling out the Christmas decorations.


There are Christmas trees, cousins, and Clemson football (35-17!)'s the most wonderful weekend.  Add in some card signing, movie matinees (Hunger Games!!!), board games and Wii games...perfection.

Never mind the list left to do (it's part of the fun, right?) or the mess on the porch (it wants badly to be a garland).  Let's all get Christmasing...I'm SO excited!

Seems as if Jingles the elf is well on her way to add some extra magic around here after finding Homey's drawing of her.  Wonder what she's up to...