Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Three D's

This crazy house...This charming and endearing house...There are some rooms I'm happy with, some rooms I can deal with for now, and some rooms that have to be dealt with on some level immediately. These are the rooms that are Dirty, Dingy, and Dated.

At first I can handle the crazy rooms...all the while collecting ideas from magazines, gaining inspiration for the day that I have the time, energy, and money to actually fix the room.

I'm about to show you the absolute worst room in my house. It's horrible, and I can't even believe I'm going to show you...the only reasons I am willing to share are as follows:

1. Most of you have seen the horrible room.

2. I'm confident that my quick fixes will make a huge difference, and afford me the patience to deal with the room until we can rip it off the house and rebuilt it.

Because ripping the back corner off the house is really what needs to happen to this room. Our luxurious master bathroom...

Since we have no business ripping off the corner of our house, some quick cosmetic changes and some storage solutions will have to do for now.

Here's the before pictures. Prepare yourself for the awfulness.

The blue walls. Awful. Jack and Louise were huge fans of Williamsburg Blue.Awful! Still trying to figure out what I want to do with that mirror to the medicine cabinet. And the vanity...still undecided. (Oh! And we found Weezy's teeth in that medicine cabinet. Example number 32 of why you do not comply when the husband says "Close your eyes and hold out your hand". I don't think so, buddy...).

The laundry section. This room really is freakishly large, just a big ol' waste of space...Wastes of space really tick me off....

Why? Why is there a door there? (Leads to the fireplace room of all places! Why?!). Why is there a random piece of cabinetry there? Why, Jack? I have lots of questions! Ugh, I'll be so glad when it doesn't look like that anymore!

Another big, fat WHY:
This, my friends, is my back door. My. ONLY. Back. Door. It makes me cry to think about why anyone thought this would be a good idea. Seriously.

Now, as I complain about it, I will also say that I can deal with this until we rip the house apart in 20 years. We don't do formal entertaining, so I'm not upset about having to meander through the back of the house to get to the yard. Also, Thing 1, Thing 2, and Jake can really do a number on floors, so it's not so bad having this Holding Station to get everyone cleaned up. If it's super bad, I can just throw the beasts into the bathtub. Rather handy!

So, as long as I give up the "luxurious master bath" idea, this room isn't so bad. It's my laundry room and mudroom that just so happens to be my back bathroom, too. And its form and function can't change right now, but Williamburg Blue and wonky storage can change immediately. Stay tuned to see my progress!

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  1. My dining room used to be that 7 years ago..I was a fan.