Thursday, August 14, 2014

Room swap: Her new room

 Ready, set, room swap!  The first room we tackled was the Homey room.  Two main reasons made this move make sense.  It was time to turn our little kid's room into a big kid room.  And by putting her in a smaller room, we could allow most of her toys and games to relocate to a larger space.  Having sleep and play space combined in just a medium sized bedroom just wasn't working anymore. 

I really did love her little girl room:

Such good memories of cribs and Little People worlds (I swear we had all of those worlds just lining the room).

Now we start new memories of Barbies and Fashion Plates.  Chapter books and diaries.

All of the furniture (mostly family pieces) was reused, the decor just got streamlined and bit more Big Kiddish.  
 As far as cost was concerned, we only bought a gallon of paint, a new quilt ($30 at Marshals), and 3 12 x12 frames (40% off 3 visits to Michael's!) to frame our Barbie fashion art.

Plus a new light fixture ($30 at IKEA). 

Most of the fun stuff from her first room just got slightly redone in the new room.

Such a great update for her stuff.  There are still some dolls and such in baskets under her bed, but most toys now have their own happy space down the hall in the new playroom.   And even though it's a smaller room, there is still plenty of space still for organizing fashion magazines with German Shepherds. (Does a child of mine really love fashion...this can be attributed to neither nature nor nurture.)

In the world of room swapping, just remember that now that the Homey room is done, there is an office/playroom living in the Fireplace Room and a master bedroom to move.  No rest for the domestically weary!

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