Monday, September 8, 2014

Project begets project: DIY Kitchen Table

Sometimes the goal is quite simple.  But the path is ridiculously complicated.  For example:

I have mentioned that my kitchen leaves a bit to be desired.  But before I jump the gun on cabinets, counter tops, flooring and paint I want to know how this room wants to be used.  It doesn't have excellent communication skills, kind of like my Fireplace Room.  In fact, at times I think the two spaces have ganged up against me.

Here's the problem.  The "eat-in" part of our kitchen is just fine for our 3 person family suppers, for play date snacks, for lunch with a friend.  It is not fine for having several families over for dinner.  There's just not enough room.  But there has to be a solution.  Since we don't need room for more than 3 people on a daily basis, we'll move the bigger table and find a smaller table for the kitchen.  I had an idea where and how to use the bigger table, but finding a reasonable kitchen table was tricky.

There were several lovely and reasonable options.


West Elm:

But call me crazy (no really, it doesn't phase me in the least!)...I felt like Goldilocks trying to find a table size that was big enough for three place settings, but compact enough to keep my kitchen workable.  IKEA's 41.5 inch table was just a bit too large.  West Elm's 30 inch table was too small.  Plus, since I don't really quite know my end goal for the kitchen as a whole, I hated to put money into a new piece of furniture that may be a short-lived member of the family.

At this point, it's time to squint at what existing pieces are in the house, the attic, the garage.  Or the backyard.  Yes, the backyard!  An extra patio table.  With a piece of plywood affixed to the wrought iron, we could make the table whatever size we wanted.  Basically for free!  With plenty of pretty table linens (vintage, anyone?!), I didn't have to worry about having a perfect piece of furniture.  Just a perfect size to see how the kitchen would evolve.  Check it out (first some before excited to have a new place to use my bigger table):

This is the table that was too tight of a fit...especially if you want to pull it out for a larger crowd.  PS I can't wait to redo this kitchen!

"New" DIY table!

It's not much, but thinking outside the retail box is awfully helpful sometimes...

With a tablecloth, we have a perfect fit for now.

With vintage linens on hand, it's actually fun finding an "outfit" for our table :)

Next up...finish the playroom and finally give the Fireplace Room some purpose.  It's been such a lazy team player so far...

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