Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back tracking a little...

Ok, so apparently I have an issue. I cannot blog when I'm overwhelmed.

I had grand plans of photo-blogging my trip to IKEA. Yeah, that so didn't happen.

That place is my happy thought. Sprinkle some fairy dust on me, then just try to get me down. Going there with JMom and Homey was so much fun, but I was so overwhelmed and in "let's get down to business" mode that I didn't snap one photo. I did find some great things, and stayed under budget! That's great news for a once a year IKEA trip. I got everything I needed, plus some stuff that I didn't realize I needed, like a giant kangaroo. But I will strive to do better in my documentation of such events.

Now let's talk Memorial Day. I asked about 30 of my favorite people to come over to celebrate with us. A TON of meat was then purchased for smoking. This was going to be picture-taker's dream...all my great ideas from Better Homes and Southern Living. If you weren't there, or don't live here, can I tell you how that day went? It rained. It rained a lot. And then it rained.

The men were troopers! Tarp up over the cooker, then said men stood in the rain all day. Homey put on her boots and raincoat to check in on them from time to time. That TON of meat was on there, so people had to come and eat it regardless of weather. Except my house reaches capacity at about 6.5 what would I do with 21 adults and 9 children. Yes, I have 2 covered porches, but still. Big. Fat. ACK!

I said lots of little, yet specific prayers. I made sure that it was understood that I am sooo thankful for this rain after years of drought. But please clear off by 4 so that all my favorite people could comfortably enjoy their evening. And ya know what? The rain stopped. At 3. Everyone that had been in it for the long haul agreed that the grass had easily grown an inch that very afternoon. So when the rain stopped, my wonderful Mr. B who had been up with the cows quickly cut the grass that had been rained on all day! (Now promoted from trooper to super trooper!).

Things were looking up. But most of my BHG and Southern Living type ideas were out the window. I didn't know if another storm would pop up and ruin everything, so I didn't want to set everything up inside. And at this point (um, 3:47, 13 minutes and counting...), nothing at all was set up because I didn't know what was going to happen with the weather! Anyway, it was a GREAT party with all my favorite people. Seriously, new and old friends was a lot of people that I like alot. Here's a short run down of the happenings...not the gorgeous pictures I was hoping to take.

Oh, and did I mention that I was just plain freaked out the first half of the party? Still due to the weather, and then due to all my social worlds colliding. Freaked out. With camera on wrist. But this is all I managed to take. And I promise to try to do better in such circumstances going forward.

They sat in the rain alllll day....

Keeping the cooker going...

Can't you smell it??


My mercy look at all the food!

Obligatory Thing 1 and Thing 2 shot

The man cave has temporarily been relocated to the tarp/cooker area...

Brisket. Good heavens...

Pulled pork...oh dear!

There will be more summer shenanigans with the cooker! Stay tuned!

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  1. What a great party!! I remember being so nervous about going but once I got there you made all my worries go away. You were the bestest hostess. Your friends were the nicest people and you know how I feel about your family. The weather held up, the food was amazing and it turned out perfectly!! I'm honored to be one of your fav 30!!!