Monday, January 31, 2011

Renovation Realities

The time has come. We're gutting the bathroom that is original to the house. I have a feeling this project is going to be very similar to the reality shows on DIY, where from the comfort of my couch, I can snicker and chuckle at those clowns flailing about, trying to install flooring. I think it's going to be my turn to flail about. So why not share it with the world! It absolutely has to be done.

Here is the bathroom in it's original-vintage-horrible condition:

I mean, that's just bad, man. It makes me cringe. Not only are those tiles pink (double cringe), but they're fake. They're freakin' plastic! So here's what's going to happen. It's all going. Every single thing except for the bathtub is going to be thrown out that window and hauled outta here. I cannot wait!

Now, this is a hallway bathroom, but it's also Homey's bathroom. I want it to be "hers" but not necessarily overly juvenile since the rest of the world will mainly be using that bathroom. So here's my inspiration for the final product:

Vintage enamel bucket from the Fair, sand colored basket and new shower curtain from World Market, concrete mermaid (also from the Fair), and recently found mermaid hook. Adorable, no? So this clearly lends the bathroom to lean towards a beach-y feel. I don't mind a beach-y feel, I just do not plan on plastering beach scenes and shells everywhere. A subtle nod to ocean-ish stuff, with the mermaids (and NOT Ariel, bless her heart. I do love Ariel...just not as decor!) as a whimsical touch since it is a tiny person's bathroom.

Okay what else do I have for in there? Ah yes, one Homey beach picture for good measure. It's just a pretty picture.

A pretty seahorse ornament to go matches the shower curtain!

Oh, and Homey's step stool that JMom made. So cute.

That's it! That's my jumping off point. Now to just get in there and demo!

Stay tuned for updates and polls as we try to finish this room! I will need tons of opinions to get it finished!

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  1. Lovely choices! Can't wait to see it in transition, then fini!