Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Sneakers

Oh, these sneakers. They've learned a lot of things.  They know things.
 They have been brand new...this is the weekend we got them in anticipation of first grade.  She broke them in at the Greenville Drive game for the Summer Reader Parade.  Shiny and super purple.
 She wore them to heft the giant pumpkin up the front steps to welcome Fall.  She's an ant.  That pumpkin was at least half a ton.
She wore them when her training wheels came off.  
We staged the 1st grade Sock Hop poodle skirt around those sneakers (no matter how crooked that poor skirt actually turned out.  I don't sew.  Want to, but it's not my gig).
 And those sneakers have gone all summer to day camp for a ton of adventures.  
Even Meg hates to see them go.  Or she's hoping I'll get distracted so she can eat them too.  Oh Megsy.
 Time for new year, new shoes...


...never know where those shoes will take you.

The one thing those shoes do know is GO TIGERS!

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  1. Ah Converse, my favorites! A true classic :)