Monday, April 7, 2014

Hello, there!

 Time to come out of hibernation!

On a lot of levels.  Ready to see what we've been up to? 

 A quick catch-up--
Still in the same enchanted house on the same enchanted street.  I wouldn't have it any other way! I've said it before, and I stand by it.  This house, as wonky and hard-headed as it continues to be, is more than our project. It's our home.  And I love hearing the house speak up every now and then, letting me know what it needs. 

 The more I love this place, the more it loves us. 

Being back at work full-time has taken a lot of time and energy away from our little abode.  But that will never be a reason to not press on.  This darling is still talking to me and evolving as we change how we live in it. 

I really look forward to writing again about how we do things in our circle...henceforth known as The Vortex (this lovely little corner of our town, because of such great neighbors, friends and family, is understandably hard to leave because the fun and love take over immediately).  More to come!!

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