Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Her point of view

Her point of view.  Her take on life.  I hear it all the time, and I don't listen enough.  But every day I try to be more in tune to what she's seeing through her little eyes.  She'll never be this age again, so I'm trying to soak up her 8 year old soul.

She knows things that I'm not immediately cognizant of. Her thoughts are a reminder of what daily life is all about.

She woke up at JMom's after a spend-over (also known as a sleep over crossed with a spend the night party) just this past weekend and said "I love the smell of morning".  She knows that the day has just started and anything is possible.  Nothing's gone wrong or haywire.  It's going to be a great day full of fun, good food, and family. I want to love the smell of morning like she does.

Once she was back home, we resumed the normal weekend routine. Sunday morning, we went to church.  Any kiddo can get a little restless in a church service, so we usually have a little something for her to do during the service.  If for no other reason than to save the offering envelopes that the church paid for.  (I drew on those a LOT!)

As long as she stops to pray, participate in the readings, and stand to sing the hymns.  For the second time in as many weeks, I've noticed that she literally pumps her fists (hissing "Yessss!") when we get to the Gloria Patri.  As a long time fan of traditional hymns, I think fist pumping is completely appropriate.  I have no doubt that Heaven is full of such excited shenanigans!

But it took an 8 year old to remind me of these things.

For tomorrow, I think I'll try to see what morning smells like while humming the Gloria Patri.  That cannot be a bad start to my day. 

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