Friday, May 30, 2014


Sometimes things around this house just need a "well, that's better!" moment. 
I'm all about adding a little quirky and fun into whatever real grown-up living is supposed to be about.  This isn't rocket science or creative brilliance, necessarily.  It's just taking a fun idea and actually doing it.  Or displaying Nanoblox on the piano.  Or decorating with flying pigs.  We'll get to some of those things later, I promise.
Today, we're just working with a typical doormat.  A two dollar plain grass-woven doormat from IKEA.  In five minutes, you can personalize it however you want. I just wanted something very understated, small, and sweet.  Grab a permanent marker; it's all you'll need!

I will say that writing on these mats is not totally easy.  First of all, it's permanent.  That's what has kept me from pulling the trigger on this quick project.  Sure, I can go get another $2 doormat, but IKEA is an hour and a half from here, and I can't find the same type mat locally (mostly due to my inner agoraphobia, aka I don't like to shop.  I'm sure a similar mat is out there somewhere in my town...).
After getting over the "I might mess up!" anxiety, I just grabbed the marker and gave Homey the camera.  I had a quick plan for "I might mess up!" and decided I'd just create some sort of border with the marker to cover up a mistake. Having an "I might mess up!" plan might just light the fire to actually try a project you're hesitant about.  Trust me.
Here's the quick and simple info:
Decide what to write.  I decided on something genius like "hello".  That's awesome, right?
Space it out on the mat.  I used the "air writing" method, very similar to air guitar to those that are familiar.  If a stencil feels easier, then by all means, give it a try.

Ok, just do it.  Write the word already.  Like I said, it's not super easy to just flow over the grass matting, but go slow and steady.  Go back and fill in.  Sink the marker down as needed to get low spots.  That's all!

Photo creds to my homey Homey.


  1. Now that's pretty neat! And your side-kick did such a good job with photography!

  2. I can't even write that neat on paper let alone on grass matting!!!! I still haven't experienced walking into an IKEA but I'm sure Danny would be pretty un-happy with me the day I finally do. Great job on the simple project Super Mom. Looking forward to seeing more!