Sunday, June 1, 2014

#Weekend10, or, maybe 6...

I heard about the Weekend 10 project through a friend of a friend who's an amazing photographer.  It's a great idea!  Pick up your camera...your DSLR, your point and shoot, your iPhone.  Just pick it up and take pictures. Usually for me that's an easy game.  I take tons of pictures.  I try to shoot well, but I'm no photographer.

Even still, I'm game for posting the best shots I got from the weekend:

Taken after swimming in the evening, but the blur factor reminds me that time flies when you have a Little.  How is she already so big, so strong, so able?! 

My magnolia.  Just a quick snap while walking down my driveway. 

I wish you could smell it!

Playing with my Meg.  My shadow looks like a clothespin doll.  Whatever...

Emilie the Cat eating Meg's birthday dinner.

Megsy, my Birthday Girl.

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