Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Time Flies When You're Havin' Fun!

Rumor has it that we lost an hour a few weeks ago. Word on the street is that the days are getting "longer". I will agree that we lost an hour. No one tells 4 year olds about Daylight Saving Time. I, however, will not agree that the days are "longer". In my journey through being gainfully unemployed, my days fly by!

Apparently, I'm in a time warp. My last post was a week and a half ago. The day I turned 34. So I blamed my bloglessness on being 34. Apparently senility starts setting in at 34. I'm okay with that, I would just hate to disappoint my 14 followers. It's important to me that you all are aware when I attempt a recipe, fail at said recipe, try to use my sewing machine without sewing my fingers together, and other domestic oddities like that.

I also blame the weather. I already have a tan for cryin' out loud! It's been so nice out that Homey and I have been outside as much as possible. And Hub and I have been planning our garden for this year...heh, another thing you'll find really intriguing since I can't keep any plant alive for long. We'll be relying on JMom and other knowledgeable gardeners for some advice on how to grown things and keep them alive long enough to yield a tomato or two.

Speaking of time warp, I'm really not sure where the day goes. I have a problem. Remember this gal:Yeah, she's me. I'll admit it. I get so caught up in housework because I think it's fun. It's odd and maybe even demented, but that's how I roll. Little rabbit trails of housework. I mean to stick to my "chore list for the day" (more on that strangeness later!). But I find other things to clean, cull, and organize. Before I know it, the day is over. If nothing else, this house is clean!

So I'm making an effort to put my housework problem on the back burner and get into some different things for a while. Things I really want to do. If I could just put down my broom!! I have some great ideas, so hang in there...I promise I'll post 'em!

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  1. If you want to keep your outdoor plants alive...tip one MULCH. In your veggie garden use grass clippings. In your flower beds that aren't against the house...mulched leaves (run over them with the lawn mower, bagged or raked and scatter "around" the plants. Not on top) On beds against the house use cypress or cedar mulch, either will keep bugs at bay. Don't use hardwood/pine, it attracts all kinds of undesirables in particular mold. Do not put down anymore than 2 inches. Mulch cuts down on weeding, keeps the soil from drying out and your plants roots cool. More time to play with that sweet little girl of yours. Enjoy your blog! Especially hearing about being a SAHM...those were the days.