Friday, February 11, 2011

Anatomy of a Birthday Party: Part 1

Obviously the first plan is to figure out what your child would like for their magical birthday world. There are soooo many options. I love most of them (unless they get too pink!), and so I try to narrow it down a tad, and give the Homey a few options. This year her options were a Carnival/County Fair party or Alice in Wonderland. She loved both...we checked out a couple of websites and came up with these things to look at:

County Fair

Alice in Wonderland

This was going to be Homey's decision...she loves games and prizes and food from a fair. And of course, every little girl loves Alice, but Homey isn't overly familiar with the story. So I wasn't sure which way she would go. After a little bit of deliberation and careful research together, we decided on Alice. I think she just wanted to dress up for her party, but I told her if we do that, she has to also commit to being Alice for Halloween. Done. Handshake and pinky swear. So in February we are squaring away two fall holidays. Sweet!!!

So this is where the fun really begins. Especially with something like Alice because there are SO many details you can pull out and use. I do love research! And now I can gradually look at all the fun decorations, things for appropriate favors, ideas for food...You know, I think part of starting so early has to do with the fact that Homey has the September birthday (along with every other child I know...). Have you looked in stores in August and September? Horrible. There's nothing fun. Just blah school related stuff. Apples. Pencils. Ick. Even in February stores here are busting out their spring and summer pretties. I went out yesterday for some Valentines ammunition and nearly had a stroke looking through all the fun garden decorations. Lanterns, oversized butterflies, rabbits...fanTAStic stuff to create a Wonderland. Now, I can use that handy 40% off coupon weekly and gradually get my party gear in an affordable manner.

Lots of details will have to wait but I can start putting a few things together for sure....check it out:

I found these glittery outline stickers with the scrapbooking stuff. The plan is to cut them out and attach them to sticks to put in plants and flowers.

Existing silver clock to add to tea party table. Existing vintage watch necklace for me to wear during the party.

New garden decor: a strand of mirrored flowers to hang...

Existing "yard art" pink flamingo that I got at the Fair. Grammy has more that I may have to ask to borrow. They'll be perfect on the croquet court (we actually already have a vintage croquet set...because we rock!). Per the story, you must have flamingos with the croquet.

My main focus right now is brightly colored things to add to the whimsy, and finding clocks and mirrored objects to lend to the real feel of the story of Alice's Adventures.

Last find for the day:
You can find that dress here.

This dress from Etsy. I'm not completely convinced yet, but it certainly is cute! I will keep looking for a little while...

So there you have it...step one is just brainstorming, looking around online, then checking stores as you're out in the world. Another reason this works so well for me is that I despise doing the footwork of shopping. But if I check craft stores, Target, etc as I'm there anyway I can actually accomplish something.

More ideas, both easy and over the top to well as past parties that were a blast to throw! Party on, Wayne...


  1. I SERIOUSLY love your thinking and style girl!! Can you design my nursery?WHY do you have to live so darn far south!? I'd fly you up here to shop for decor with me if I could. Homey's 6th is gonna rock!

  2. I'm all over your nursery, sister. I can work it from design :P