Monday, February 14, 2011

Any Excuse to Throw a Party!

While we're talking about parties anyway...

I obviously have a insatiable need to entertain. I'm not sure why, but I do keep trying to find reasons to throw a party. Since we have a great group of kids around here, it seemed like the perfect excuse to get them all together for Valentine's Shenanigans.

Disclaimer: I will not throw kids parties without JMom involved. She rocks a kids party.

Homey begged every 15 minutes to get dressed for the party.

She looked stunning in her Valentine's get up. Maybe a little formal, but whatever.

The key to this party was keeping the group of kids smallish--7 or 8 tops. This way, we could have 2 stations set up to keep everyone busy. Here's the Cookie Station:

And group 1 working hard at cookies, stopping for a photo op:

Meanwhile the other group worked on making cards in the office:

Obligatory cousin shot:

Then it was time to switch it up:

Great work!!

The cookies and cards were packed up for the kids to take home...I'm not trying to have that many sugared up children running around!

Time for Valentine's snacks for kiddos:

Also tons of treats for Mommies...enter the Busy Bs:

Deliciousness...away from the children! We served fruit with honey yogurt and Belgian chocolate pudding, brie and crackers, Tracy's puff pastry straws with roasted red pepper sauce, mushroom turnovers and brownie bites a la Tracy. YUM.

Party success with all my favorite children!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. Love it, Homey's dress rocks! I totally forgot to taek pics at ours. Bad me. I love your parties :)