Monday, May 24, 2010


Sometimes it's good to have an excuse to throw a party. Busy B's are very good at finding such excuses...nice spring weather, giant cooker at our disposal, vintage Hawaiian dresses, a birthday weekend...put all that stuff together and why on earth would you not throw a luau? Tracy throws great parties. She even has two books on throwing authentic luaus. Recipes, Hawaiian phrases, information on hula was overwhelming. We went through those books about 15 times in the past week. We did not try to hula dance. You're welcome.

Now I want to have more parties (Mr. B will just love that.) I think I'll have one for Memorial Day!

But for now, check out the Birthday Luau! (Ha! That rhymes!)

All our open air serving pieces are ready!

Thing 1 is humoring me with the photo op. Grass skirts are itchy!

Mr. Other B puts on Hawaiian records...perfect!

Some peeps shuck the corn for grilling...

...and some peeps dance with the beasts.

The B's enjoying their gathering! Vintage Hawaiian dress and beads. Only Tracy would have a vintage Hawaiian dress and beads. That's why she rocks.

Dinner!! Isn't it gorgeous?! Fried rice, grilled corn, avocado salad (so easy and good...we'll definitely post that one), fruit, Hawaiian rolls, Alex's smoked ribs and homemade sauces. YUM!

Then just let the kiddos play outside until they can't play anymore. A perfect gathering!

Happy Birthday, T!

Next time I'll trade you your vintage Hawaiian dress for my Target one. That's fair, right?

I dare you to come up with an excuse to have a gathering! Because it's almost summer, because you have a new grill, just because! Actually...tell me, do you even like to have parties (aka "small gatherings") and why do you throw your parties?

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