Saturday, May 29, 2010

Road Trip!

Today 3 generations (JMom, Homey, and yours truly) are taking a short road trip to Charlotte to the Oz of domesticity! IKEA!! I won't completely flip out until I get there! I hope to bring you great footage of our adventures...even though to some of you it's like rollin' around the corner to Target. Whatever. I only get there once a year, so it's a bigger deal to me...I don't get out much.

So to keep my peeps occupied while I'm gone watch this. LOVE it!! Cracks me up! My favorite part is when the mom says "I'm kind of a big deal..." I pulled that line on the husband a few days ago at our outing to a baseball game when he praised me for being over prepared with my bag over packed with snacks and drinks for the Beast. (Which I am also doing for IKEA!).


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  1. Patiently awaiting upates....tap tap tap. :-)