Monday, May 3, 2010

Cotton Pickin' Fair--Part 1

As always, the Fair weekend is a great time spent with family and friends. I honestly am not sure how I'm going to get it all into one post. I took 118 pictures from noon Saturday to mid afternoon Sunday. Let's see how far I can get with this post...there may have to be multiple posts to cover everything!

Let's start at the very beginning...first of all, the child that I have to wake every Christmas morning was up with my 6:00 alarm asking "Y'all ready to go to Zorja?" So we packed everybody up and hit the road!

The journey ends here...where the fun begins!
The cutest little cottage evah. This is Lynne's house, and this is the hub of Fair weekend activities. Just take your shoes off before you go trapesin' through, and make sure to admire the Fiestaware in the built-ins in the dining room. Now let's go to the Fair!
Make a beeline for a sausage biscuit, but stop and listen to the entertainment for a bit on your way through:

I do love a bluegrass trio!!

Now...for real. It's time for a biscuit. You have nevah had a biscuit this good (and I think my accent thickens when I go to Georgia...).
You don't have to get a sausage biscuit I suppose, but they are my favorite thing!

I had planned to leisurely enjoy my biscuit, but Homey had other plans. Plans that had to happen immediately:

Once the "Bouncy House" was out of the way, we could get our Fair on...a gazillion vendors, I never know which way to go first! Well, ok, yes I do...the antique barn. Or am I supposed to call it a Seed House. Whatever it is, it's where I have to go. I have to scan for Jadeite and dig for vintage tablecloths. Here's a few glimpses at the great finds...I wish I could have bought them all!
Awesome aqua cabinet! I hope it finds a happy home and makes some dark corner a little cheerier (and more organized!)
Gasp. Luncheon plates. If I could buy them, I would have three people over to lunch every single day. We could be Ladies That Lunch, and we would rock.
Vintage, I could dig through these forever. I did dig through the for quite a while! Pillowcases, aprons, tablecloths, towels...I didn't see any that I didn't love!

Now onto some other sights of the Fair:

Porch swings! Swings with cup holders. I need to write a testimonial for these peeps because we sure have used the heck out of our porch swing!

Kids' clothes...this is my favorite booth every year. Such cute things for little Homeys.'s just one example, since you can pretty much find almost any kind of jewelry at the Fair:Art! All sorts of art...childrens art, painted window panes, landscapes, etc and so on. But this one booth stuck out to me this time. I just loved these pieces:

And it's tradition at the Fair to check out the Bear Man at work. Homey loves watchin' this cat carve the bears with a chainsaw!

And wouldn't you know it...I didn't even take pictures of my two favorite booths from this year! But I did grab their cards. Check out their sites:

I got an early Mother's Day gift from this booth. Everything was so charming, I couldn't even decide (but finally did...). Here's the etsy shop link:

And this chick rocked. I know I do a lot of stuff for kids rooms, too, but this booth was full of new ideas that I just loved. Her multimedia 3D effect just set her aside from everyone else out there doing art for kid's rooms. Check out Poshin' Kids. Just know that the pictures don't do her work justice.

This concludes part one of the Cotton Pickin' Fair...just 'cause I need to take a break from dragging and dropping pictures! More to come...asap!


  1. i would so move to g'ville to lunch in lady like fashion with you and those plates!

  2. South Carolina had the best fairs, PA's just don't match up. But, PA has better local produce stands, I just have to wait longer than you do.

  3. Awesome, I wanna visit y'all!

  4. This is actually in GA (aka Zorja in Homey Speak), but it's absolutely the most fun in the world.

    Mel, I have to find a place to store more dishes, then I'm buying some luncheon plates!

    Christie...I'm so proud a Canadian said Y'all!

  5. I love that my house was the very first picture. Great other pictures, too. I'm waiting for the next installment.

  6. I need to go around with you next fall. Some of these things I didn't even see. Great pictures!