Monday, May 3, 2010

CPF--Part 2

So, we've talked biscuits, hats, art, and Bouncy I'm going to show you the rest of Fair Weekend.

There are a lot of ways to just chill the old fashioned way when you're in the magical land of Zorja.

You can chill in the Radio Flyer and watch the entertainment:You can kick your daddy out of the Radio Flyer, so he can take you from point A to point B:

You can hop on a golf cart and go on a leisurely ride down the dirt roads. By leisurely ride, I mean hanging on for dear life while your husband goes careening down these roads. But I don't mind it so much because riding through country like this makes me say things like "Dang it, Luke!" and "If we cut through Old Man Miller's farm we can head 'em off at the pass!"

I'm not sure if Mr. B finds this humourous or annoying, but I honestly understand life in Hazzard County a little better since I've been going to the Fair.

You can eat the delicious food everyone has brought...Here Homey shows off the barbecue chicken, slaw, and Brunswick stew. I just want everyone to realize that 2 seconds after I took this picture, that chicken bone was clean. She gnawed on it while we got her a refill on the chicken legs.
Saturday night dinner is awesome because about 40 people are there to hang out and eat good Southern food. Lynne does an amazing job coordinating all this...everyone contributes (I brought bowls...that is so lame!). Somehow she makes feeding that many people comes across as completely effortless. As I say this Lynne is still recuperating from all her hard work!

After dinner, even though all I did was bring the bowls, I'm thoroughly exhausted. But the childen must run around like maniacs for a bit. Some maniacal highlights:
(Can anyone explain to me why my girl looks about 25 in this picture?)

These children are honestly the sweetest bunch of maniacs I've ever encountered. I love watching them:But wait there's more! After a sound sleep due to lots of fresh country air, we're up and at 'em for church at the Fair. We arrive all together as a force to be reckoned's a necessity.

Aren't we a motley bunch?

This is the last day of the Fair, so it's time to get things done, people:

Pull up a bale of hay and take in a magic show.Goof off with your cousin.

Make your mother scramble for the camera by being too sweet with said cousin. I just can't stand it!
Oooh, and look what Homey did this time. She's stood in line for it ever since she could walk, but she always backs out. Not this year! Watch out Pepper the Pony, Homey's in town...she's tough and brave now! (Unlike her mother who is scared of falling out of golf carts and had anxiety issues watching whatever Little House on the Prairie was playing at Lynne's. Mr. Edwards and Pa almost died, for cryin' out loud!) Oh, the pony:Ok, at this point, it's time to wind it up...time for lunch at Lynne's! More good food. CPF food is good. Really good. But Lynne's food is better. Really better!
Then why not harass various aunts with the pop guns Grammy bought at the fair:

As I sit and go through these photos, I realize that the second half of my Fair coverage was very Homey-heavy. But that's what it's all about. This is Homey's chance to hang around her past, present, and future all at one time. It's an invaluable experience to be able to spend this kind of time (twice a year!) with family, in the town that her great great grandparents lived in. Where her great grandmother grew up, where great uncle climbed the water tower, where her daddy drove his cousin's jeep into a ditch (that's why I'm scared on dirt roads! He points it out every time.), under the same trees where cousins have always run like maniacs, and hopefully always will. That's why the Fair is important. Only 151 days left until the next one!


  1. Oh, this one just brought tears to my eyes-especially that last paragraph! Suddenly, I'm ready to do it all over again!

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  3. That's just sooooo good! I love your pictures, captions, and prose. I can't wait for the October fair! 151, 150...

  4. I love it! You nailed it in that last part!

  5. I'm sooo jealous! Looks awesome.

  6. Yep - that about sums it up! Great Job!!

  7. She rode the pony! Walt gets cuter by the minute....(and his sister needs to quit growing up)!