Sunday, July 20, 2014

New name! (Same url, for now!)

After a lot of thought and deliberation, I am changing the name of the blog. 

It's taken longer than I thought to actually find something fitting.  I felt like I had Hermione Grainger, Dorothy, Alice and Peter Pan all in my head at one time.

I'm not sure why most of them are British, but I knew that one of them would show me something bloody brilliant to represent what I'm trying to write about here.

I wanted a literary reference to magic that could link to both children and adults .  I was right.  But it was Bert from Mary Poppins that I was missing. 

"Winds in the east, mist coming in. / Like somethin' is brewin' and bout to begin. / Can't put me finger on what lies in store, / But I feel what's to happen all happened before."

I feel like this has all be brewin' for a while.  Time to stop giving in to the industries that make it hard to stay home with a sick child or to even take a week's vacation.  I want to fall into magic craziness like Alice, or wield a wand and defend house elves like Hermione. I want to be the Pan like Peter.  But I'm not those people.  I'm not Mary Poppins either, but I so totally identify with her. Surly at times. Kind and understanding, most always.  Providing magic at as often as possible.  I almost think I could fit a floorlamp in my pocketbook.
Winds in the east are very rare here, just like the chance to reinvent day to day life.  I have to be very careful as I choose my next step, but at the same time I choose to be as confident and surefooted as Mary when she dove into the life of the Banks family. 

This is my family, and this is our life.  We want a certain "muchness" out of it, and this is my time to ready myself for a career that allows me to give my magic and muchness to my family.
So I am Winds in the East.  Right now, it's misty. But something is absolutely brewing and about to begin.  I can't put my finger on what is in store.  But I'm loving that no matter what, it'll be different than before.
Now I need to go watch Mary Poppins.  Chim Chiroo!!

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