Sunday, July 27, 2014

Weekend 10: Downtown edition

The Weekend 10 is a really great way to pick up your camera and really learn to get better at taking pictures.  I'm thankful to Libby Williams for the idea (follow her blog, use her talent if you're close enough)...whether you're as talented as Libby or just a novice-hobbyist-picture-taker like me, this little challenge is super fun.  I haven't been great about doing this regularly but certainly intend to keep it up.

Welcome to the Downtown Greenville edition.  Yeah, that Greenville.  My little town has gotten so big and popular.  It didn't used to be like this.  When I was little, there was nothing to really do downtown.  Even when I was in college, there were only a few shops, a handful of restaurants, and my groovy coffee hangout.

It's not like that anymore...

So artsy!

So colorful.  Happy hues!

Happy Homey.

Such a wonderful spot for the Littles to cool off.

Art and History co-existing.  I love it.

Liberty Bridge.

Sneak peek of the Shakespeare stage.

What a great afternoon out being a backyard tourist!  We made it home before the afternoon storm.  And time well spent is never wasted, not even on a lazy afternoon with nowhere to be.

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