Sunday, July 13, 2014

Living Intentionally

I think, once given an opportunity to just be for a little while, that it becomes apparent what you and your family as a whole is all about.  As it relates to the blog, I've found myself wondering what in the world to post next.  When I think about it that way, I end up with a brain full of whirling ideas...egg recipes, party ideas, places in my town I want to showcase, decorating, and tons of anectdotal shenanigans.  When they start whirling, I end up with little time or energy to focus on any of them.

But I have a favorite new author that has helped me change the way I think about living, in general.  Just to give a quick blurb, Tsh Oxenreider (not a's Tsh, pronounced Tish) has a blog and some wonderful books that focus on the the art of simplifying.  One of the best things about her is that she focuses more on the word "intention" than "simple".  Simple can sound boring.  Intention conveys a lot more.

Understanding that one thing makes me have a focus for not only what I want to blog, but how I want to be and how our family best spends our life together.  To put it basically, we try to live with the space and the items we already have (swap rooms when it makes sense, use family pieces in whatever way works best for our space...).  We enjoy our own neighborhood and the surrounding areas to foster important relationships with friends family that helps us understand our roots in this area, but at the same time we allow time and money for traveling to enjoy music we love and have adventures outside of our own local niche.  And we strive to use our own hands as much as possible to improve our home, cook our meals, and create new things to enhance the little world we live in.

To me, that's the magic. Using our ideas and hands and friends to make things happen.  Every lifetime needs a little bit of magic.  I intend to provide that.
That being said, perhaps not every idea here will be original, but if I post something it will be important to one of the ways we choose to be intentional in our day to day.  Stay tuned!

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