Friday, July 25, 2014

Christmas in July?

It's July, and most of our time has been spent swimming, playing with friends, taking long weekends at the lake.  Summer stuff.  I don't even want to look at the back to school ads yet.

So you can imagine my surprise when my daughter woke up with a look of concern one morning this week.  She had written a letter to her Elf the evening before, and there had been no response.

It's July. Are you kidding me? Elf correspondence already? Don't those lovely creatures need a break??  It's bad enough that Jingles can't even get lovingly packed in with the Christmas decorations for a long summer's nap. It's imperative that she stay out and on display in Homey's room year round.

With no loose teeth or notable holidays in the near future, I have to say that the magic muchness of this house must have been in hibernation. But just when it seemed our elf might not reply, Jingles sprung into action, writing back to explain the seasons of the elves.  It was something about being on elf-cation, and that the elf community would soon be back in full effect.  Hanging out with the kids to see who's naughty, who's nice. Watching the little humans go back to school, admiring their Halloween costumes, and of course, getting into their Elf-taught ways of figuring out what to put in Santa's sleigh on Christmas eve.

Jiminey crickets.  Thank goodness for Jingles.  That elf really does have the vigilance of the Tooth Fairy to keep in touch with the Homey the way she does.  I know I'm worn out just thinking about it.  So Good Night, Sleep Tight! The elves and fairies have got this under control...

For that I'm thankful because just today I found this...

Here's to dreaming of a white Christmas.  Five months in advance.  Looks like it's going to be a Very Fashion Christmas.

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