Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Deep Dark Domestic Secrets

Sometimes domesticity just doesn't work out for ya. Doesn't matter if you're "in the groove" or not...sometimes it just doesn't work. One of my favorite things to do is browse online cooking communities. I love to read recipes. I'll even spend an hour or so reading cookbooks I've had for years. It's just fun. I like getting ideas and challenging myself to things I've never tried before. Well...I guess it's better to do this reading, idea-ing, and trying when it doesn't really matter. When you haven't obligated yourself to some function at Homey's school. I guess that should be obvious. It is now.

Wanna hear a story about domestic un-prowess? Here it go: During Teacher Appreciation Month at Homey's school, parents are asked to sign up to bring various snacks, breakfasts, and sweets for the teachers to share. I love Homey's school. I love Homey's teacher(s)! I'm living a domestic, unemployed dream, so the sign up sheets were calling to me! Yes! I'll sign up! I'll cook for these wonderful ladies. I cook because I love. (Let's just remember that...I cook because I love.)

Well, breakfast went off without a hitch. It was something I cook all the time. We were a little late (it took an hour to cook, for cryin' out loud), but the pan was empty when I picked Homey up, so Mission Accomplished. They know I love them! Then we come to snack. Snack. What is this snack you speak of? Do people eat snacks? I was unaware that people could eat between meals. I must learn more about this phenomenon. I search and search for a semi-healthy treat I can make for the teachers at school and happen upon a lovely recipe for Blueberry Oat Bars on one of my online cooking community sites. Yum. I like blueberries! Oats! They're not so bad sometimes. I sometimes like oats. Let's try it!

(Disclaimer: I was off schedule all weekend THEN lost an hour due to daylight saving time. End disclaimer.)

So I start cutting in butter, mixing in oats, boiling a delicious blueberry concoction for 2 minutes, stirring constantly. I knew something was wrong, but I'm not a trained professional so I figured "what do I know? This might turn out fantastic! I'm already almost finished with it!" Um...heh-heh, go with your gut, sistah. In my exhausted, just optimistically domestic state, it didn't even register with me that 5 1/2 cups of flour have no business being made into bars with 2 cups of reduced blueberry mixture. I baked blueberries on flour. It's also stuck in my "good pan", and I have to get the hubster to try to pry it out without breaking my pan.

All this to make 2 points:

1. Cross-reference your online recipes when possible. I found an identical recipe on another site showing 1 1/2 cups of flour (hang head in shame...).

2. I cook because I love...and Homey's teachers: Dudes, I Love Y'all!!


  1. You are Mother Of The Year!!!

    (and Homies teacher loves you too!)

  2. Oh, no! I wondered what you meant when you wrote earlier about a new recipe that flopped. I just love to read your blogs--your writing is the best!