Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring is Here!

And there was no better way to celebrate the first day of Spring than to have the fam over for the Birthday Extravaganza. I did indeed conquer the Beastly Sleepover and the Buttonholes, too! To me, that's a really exciting weekend! Who needs to go out in the world when you can round up little girls, wrap a gazillion birthday presents and sew buttonholes over and over again? It was a very busy couple of days, but I really wanted my home to scream "It's Spring!" in time for the Extravaganza.

My living room and adjoining "fireplace room" (there's no other name for's just the fireplace room) are largely brown and green. Most of what I do tends to be brown and green. I'm very adventurous.

In the fall, I easily pull out oranges and reds. For Christmas, anything Merry and
Bright goes. But I didn't have much to work with this year for spring. I had two pillows--this lovely robin's egg solid pillow (Target, maybe?) and this bright happy pillow (etsy).

This year I decided to try to pull out more blue and yellow. Here's how I did it:

First, I got super brave and got these curtains from World Market. I'm terrified of pattern, so this is big news.
The two shades of blue worked perfectly, and the tiny green dot pulled the whole look together in my green and brown cocoon. So at this point, I needed more blue! Something to draw the eye around the brown-ness.

So I worked on my hooks. I love my hooks...I saw a similar set up in an issue of Cottage Living, but I couldn't find one to fit this space. So my incredibly talented husband made this for me! It's perfect. I can change out the little decorations for each season. The Sepia Homey display stays year round...who doesn't love Homey in Sepia??
To add a springy pop of blue, I got this letter B at the craft store and painted this design on it. I like the way it turned out...for very little money!

Back to the hooks...look at the other small pop of blue...Hello, Little Bird! Another DIY project, but sadly he doesn't get to live at my house anymore. I painted him for JMom. So he has flown across town by now, but I just wanted to see what he would look like. Let's see if he would look as good across the room in the hoosier cabinet:
Oh, he looks splendid nestled in with my Jadeite friends! Maybe I'll just have to paint myself some birds to prop here and there. And more on my Jadeite friends soon. I promise to introduce you to all of them!

Moving the weird fireplace room.

With the new skill of making buttonholes under my belt, I feel like I successfully completed my spring decorating on a non existent budget. I finished my pillow covers...$3 worth of fabric to avoid buying new spring throw pillows for $15 a piece (at best!).
That is as close as I will let you get to the pillow cover. I don't sew. It's extremely imperfect, but from a distance, it's a suitable fix to giving the fireplace room a splash of blue. Maybe the blue pillows will draw the eye away from the mauve carpet. The bane of my existence, the thorn in my side, why, for the love of Pete, did they choose mauve. It won't be there forever, but it's there for now, so we will just continue to draw the eye away from it! Speaking of, I really didn't have anything cool to hang over my fireplace after I took down my Christmas decorations. I decided that I wanted a hip midcentury modern mirror. I figured something like that would look really cool behind my midcentury tufted chairs. But I haven't been able to find one, and moreover, if I do find one I can't afford one right now. So what's a girl to do? Paint it! This is where I've really lost my mind. I can't buy a mirror, so I paint a graphic representation of one? I mean, that's got to be odd, off kilter, weird. Or maybe it's just endearing. Anyway here it is! If nothing else it draws the eye away from the Sea of Mauve.

My disclaimer is that it really does look cooler (though no less odd, weird, or off kilter) in person because it's shimmery and it glows when it catches the light. For the other weirdos out there, I decided that this masterpiece is for sale. Maybe if somebody buys it I can buy a real life mirror! Side note: How easy is it to stack some lemons on your friend the Jadeite cake plate? Matches the chairs perfectly. And more yellow in the tulips soaking in the hobnail milkglass vase. Delightful!

Well, I figure that's enough of my green and brown life for now. More spring stuff and birthday stuff coming soon! Fun ideas, delicious cakes, and maybe even a little Homey. Stay tuned.

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