Friday, March 12, 2010

Quick But Easy Weekend Brunch

Does anybody out there still fix breakfast? (Yes, I said fix. I know it's not broken, I know those of you that aren't "from 'round here" say "make breakfast". Whatever. This is the Deep South. We fix it.) I'm not a breakfast person, really. I'm actually quite weird about when and what I eat, even though I adore cooking. Homey gets oatmeal or some bland cereal most days. She gets excited about Rice Krispies because it's the closest I get to buying a "fun" cereal. Actually I think it's teaching her to read. She insists on having the box of whatever she's eating on the table beside her to mull over while she's eating. I guess she's concerned with the nutritional information. Or just wants to peruse the recipes you can use the cereal du jour in. That's not odd, right? Anyhow, the Rice Krispie box taught her "Pop". Her first palindrome! We're very proud...

That has nothing to do with what I'm about to show y'all. Being a new and giddy stay at home mom, I have been reading recipes like it's going out of style. My new fun place to stop by and visit is PW's Tasty Kitchen. Seriously...loads of fun for your inner domestic superhero. So one Sunday morning, I was trying to figure out something that would be different and interesting for my family to eat. The hubster was sleeping in since he had worked the night before, so I figured Homeslice and I could make something fun, and maybe use up some berries I needed to use quickly. We could wow him with our domestic prowess. Enter panakuchen.

Yep. Found it on Tasty Kitchen. I had everything on hand so we whipped it up. Super easy, super quick. It's a German puffed pancake. It's very egg-y, and the batter isn't sweet, so topping it off with a touch of syrup, a sprinkle of powdered sugar, and berries on the side was just perfect. It is puffy, fluffy and light on top, and slightly heavier and more custard-ish on the bottom. It was a fun change with very little effort. If you've ever made popovers, it was reminiscent of that in a breakfast food kind of way.

Make it the next time you have time to laze around in the morning. Or when you think it's time to deviate from Snap, Crackle, and their palindrome brother Pop.
And those of you (ahem, Tracy) that actually cook in the mornings, I salute you.


  1. it's even better when you serve it with fried know, that stuff that you get when you cook down apples in some water (or calvados!!) and sugar. mmm mmm good.

  2. ok, this just looks SOO good and now I know why Homey looks at me the way she does when I'm eating Rice Krispies in the a.m.