Thursday, March 18, 2010

Speaking of Busy...

This B is super busy this week, so if the blog is quiet for a day or two, just know there is a lot of good stuff coming up! The rest of this week is full of Beasts, Buttonholes, and Birthdays. We are having a Beastly sleep over Friday evening, so there should be some interesting tales from Thing 1 and Thing 2 by the end of it. They love each other like sisters, but they also fight like sisters. It's supposed to be nice out so I plan to let them run a few laps, maybe get them to pull some weeds in the yard :)

Saturday is the birthday extravaganza since most of my family has a March birthday. I plan to have all my spring inspired decor ready to roll by then, so I'll be showing that off soon!

Somewhere in all this I really want to figure how to sew buttonholes. I have two pillow covers that are almost finished, just need some buttonholes! My sewing skills are very very limited. Seriously limited. So it will be quite a feat if I can get that done in time!

I'll have a play by play ready by the end of the weekend, so to all the loyal followers out there....stay tuned for more domestic adventures!

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