Saturday, March 6, 2010

Upcycled Storage--Yippee!!

Apparently, once you're 4 years old some things change. One thing that changed was obvious once Santa brought all the fun toys Christmas morning. There were fairy villages that included tiny fairy teacups. There were Barbies with far more pairs of shoes than I own. There was an animal jungle playground complete with precious fuzzy tiny jungle creatures. As I was sorting to see what was what, I realized that all the new toys for today's active 4 year old are tiny. Like, seriously tiny!

If these parts and pieces were going to last a week around here, something would have to be done. Yep, you guessed it...Storage Solutions! Luckily, while gainfully employed, our office made a ton of cookies from store bought tubs of dough to give as gifts to clients. I had no idea that you could buy cookie dough in bulk! Check out the large tub container on the left: It was made of such sturdy plastic that it felt like a waste to get rid of it. Surely it would have some use in my home or garage. Enter tiny Homey toys...It would be perfect to hold tiny precious jungle animals and fairy teacups! There were 3 containers, so I knew immediately how I wanted this project to turn out. So I called JMom. JMom deals with paper, scrapbooking, cutting...the crafty things that I am horrible with. I knew she could somehow maneuver darling papers to cover a cookie dough tub to create stylish upcycled toy storage for Homey's room. And I was right! She did it!

Aren't they cute?! There are so many scrapbook papers out there that you can definitely find something adorable to match your child's room. know what?? Maybe do one to match your kitchen. How cool would it be for corraling junk drawer items like books of matches, AAA batteries, and the little metal thing that you're not sure what it goes to, but you're pretty sure you shouldn't throw it away. Unfortunately, I do not have a need for another 5 lbs of pre-made cookie dough, but if anyone else does, please save the container! All you need to do is attach the paper to the container with Modge Podge. This container does taper making it a bit tricky, but a little bit of ric-rac (rick rack? Hmm, I'm not sure!) or other ribbon covers up any imperfect seams. Delightful storage solutions!! Try this project for legos, art supplies, Barbie clothes and shoes, and of course, a safe home for tiny precious jungle creatures.


  1. How cute and what a good idea! I have a shelf full of cool whip and sour cream containers-reckon I could dress those up?

  2. Ooh ooh - the hamsters are living in a naked shoe box. I see interior decorating ideas. Walt stapled a Christmas card in his - so he should be all over this.

  3. I thought I was the only one that saved mystery metal things

  4. Anonymous Kat, I'm right there with ya :)