Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our Favorite Candle

Just pretend that we are hugely popular and influential like Oprah. Pretend that if we like a certain product, everyone will immediately flock to the website or become a fan of said product on Facebook. Thanks...

Both of us Bs are enamored with one specific candle company, and the best part is the products are 100% Mom-Made! Christina the Candle Girl (I call her that...I really doubt she calls herself that) started At Home Scentsations in 2006 to make a little extra money as a stay at home mom. She relies on word of mouth for marketing...and obviously it works because Christina lives in Michigan, for cryin' out loud. Luckily, she is willing to ship anywhere in the US (maybe even Canada, Christie, we'll have to ask her!).

Now let's talk about these candles. They come in a few different sizes, and eleventy thousand different scents. The scents, to me, are what set these candles apart from store bought candles. It seems like most of the time candles are either too weak, too strong, too perfume-y, or too fake smelling. And for some reason, I usually have some sort of wick malfunction, rendering the last half of my store bought candle useless. It's just a mess...and store bought candles are too expensive for all the havoc they tend to wreak in my house. This is not the case with Christina's soy candles. They burn beautifully, and they last a really long time. I have bought a lot of Christina's scents, and let me tell you they are the truest scents I have ever come across. The gardenia candle is just like having a bloom in a vase. The white tea and ginger is to die for! You'll have to try them for yourself. The best part? The candles are always "Buy 5, Get 1 Free"! And since Christina is so groovy, she has offered an additional 10% off if you mention this blog post in your order. Stock up...I always do with the intention of having a few handy for a last minute hostess gift or something. I usually end up selfishly keeping them all for myself. They're that good. Oh! And I forgot to mention that candles are just the tip of the iceberg...look around her site at the reed diffusers and bath/body products. Seriously, you'll never spend $24.50 for that 6 oz fancy candle from the high end kitchen store again (sorry, Williams Sonoma...I still love you).

Contact Christina at And bookmark the'll need to refer back to it often! Oh, and become a fan on Facebook. Christina runs fanTAStic specials that you won't want to miss out on!

I really hope the mail lady brings my newest shipment today! Happiness is a box from Michigan, full of candles.

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