Thursday, February 18, 2010

From Beetlejuice to Beautimous!

A very nice neighbor found this doll bunk bed at a yard sale and gave it to Homey. It's in great shape, and is the perfect size. I immediately had great plans for it (let's not focus on the fact that we got it in 2008). So "Beetlejuice on a Schoolbus" lived in her room and accommodated baby dolls for 2 years. Finally about a month and a half ago, I figured out how to thread the sewing machine and push the peddle to make it do things. Terrifying. But I figured it out! (Because my husband showed me...then Tracy held my hand while I actually made something). Anyway, I went on an etsy rampage looking for fabric. I was ready to make this bed coordinate with the rest of her room. Luckily I found Gina at (check her out on etsy! As with most etsy sellers, she was super duper nice, and got my custom order to me in no time. Gina even featured my project plus the painting to go with it on her blog! I am so excited! Check her blog out when you have a chance. I just love when crafters share's one of my Happy Thoughts. Anyway...

So now we don't have to deal with old Beetlejuice anymore:

Isn't that sooo much better?? (Don't look at the baseboards. Thank you.) I love it. I showed it to Homeslice when it was all assembled and ready to go. She says "I don't love white". I guess when you're 4 Schoolbus Yellow is a rockin' color. Whatever. She's happy with it now. I just love when Found Object + Can of Spraypaint + $10 etsy Find = luxury bedding for doll babies. Sleep tight, Doll Babies!

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  1. I thought the base boards looked fine.