Sunday, February 7, 2010

Getting ready for Valentine's Day!

Good morning! Julie here...and I'm ready to get my ducks in a row for Valentine's Day!

There's just something about Valentine's Day. I don't get too over the top with this holiday, but it sure is a lot of fun. There are so many types of love you can have for others, and I think Valentine's Day is the perfect time to do a little something extra for people if you can. But I have to admit, I wish I was still 7. When we all made our special shoeboxes to take to school to collect all the little tiny Valentine's from classmates.

Since I have a little more time this year, I'm going to try to work on some craftiness and recipes for next weekend. So far the only thing I know for sure is what I want to cook for the husband, but knowing me that could change too. We have crazy schedule, so we'll probably be eating our "fancy" meal late Friday night. But that gives me more time to mess up all the recipes, then do them correctly. So far, I've decided that I want to make crab cakes. I've never in my life made crab cakes, so yeah...we'll see how that goes. I'll make some sort of sauce to go with it, asparagus, and Pioneer Woman's roasted garlic mashed potatoes. The appetizer and dessert will also be courtesy of my best friend, PDub. I've never made either of those recipes either. Yikes!

I'm also trying to think of a fun Homey-friendly meal to have when all three of us are here for Sunday dinner. I'm lacking in inspiration here...all I can think of is some kind of grilled sandwich that's in the shape of a heart. Blah...that's a good start, but what else can we have that's fun and festive?

Finally, I'm going to try to prepare a couple of prettified boxed lunches for a couple of ladies that I really appreciate. Again, with this meal, I have no idea what I'll actually include, but I'll post as I get it put together.

Do any of you do anything special of Valentine's? Whether it's fancy, fun, or just festive...I'm always looking for good Valentine's ideas...

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