Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring? Is that you?!

Those of us in the deep south were lucky enough to have a beautiful weekend, full of sunshine, chirping birds and 70 degree temps. The beastly children could be loud and creature-ish outdoors, the sidewalks got their very first hopscotch games drawn on them, and I got to sit in the grass with sunglasses and a beverage for the first time this year. I even got Homey to start pulling weeds.

It was definitely a reminder that Spring is just a few weeks away! And even though it might not be sunny and bright wherever you are quite yet, it won't be long. And you can go ahead and start waking up your home and your being in preparation for all the happiness Spring brings with her.

I won't even get into Spring Cleaning yet. It's totally my favorite thing ever. I'm positive I'll have more to say on that subject (I can smell the vinegar now!). For now I just want to get inspired.

Oh my mercy. If this doesn't shout spring, I don't know what does.
And it happens to be my favorite color combination--tangerine and celadon!
(That sounds much more lovely than "orange and green")There is nothing about this room that I don't like! (Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens)

Continuing along the same theme (Also from BHG):

I'm not sure what those panels are, but image finding a few table runners that you love
and attaching some wood and ribbon for could totally pull of
this look! (Note to self: Paint something similar!) I just love it. What an interesting
way to take up a large expanse of wall for a small amount of money.

Moving on. This makes me want to have people over for a delightfully
spring-ish meal.
Can't you taste the asparagus now? For some reason, I think you have to eat
asparagus at lovely gatherings in the spring...Anyhoo, notice the "vases". They're
just tin cans that have been painted in delightful colors. Genius! (Courtesy of Country Living)

This next image (also Country Living) made me gasp, then giggle:

Are you even kidding me?? Floral spheres on cake plates? I am absolutely doing this.
Heaven knows I have enough cake plates. Absolutely fabulous!

Now enough of all that...what shall we wear for feeling the sun on our arms for the
first time of the season? (Come your inner pin-up...)

Buy this one of a kind vintage find here. Then let me borrow it. Thank you for your cooperation.

More vintage and vintage-inspired clothing to come...I love vintage clothes!
They make me want to curl my hair, add a ribbon, then get a vanilla coke.
I'm just sayin'...

Stay tuned for more SPRING!


  1. Love the room pics, makes me feel ike spring even though we are socked in with snow. really reminds me we need some colour, so taupe here.

  2. Homey and I just made one floral sphere. Giddy up!

  3. I am so going to paint up some tin cans with the children during March Break. Those "vases" rock.