Thursday, February 4, 2010

God Bless Little Girls...

It is apparent to me that the reason I laugh at all the things I expect to get done in a day is because of :

<--- this.

This is Homey. She's a handful. She's very busy. And she's generally just like me. Oy! Toss together some sass, some independence, some OCD-ish cleaning up moments, and add a touch of belligerence, and you've got Homey! She's very sweet and funny. And I'm beyond glad that she is past the Terrible Two/Three's. Because that was realllly interesting.

Anyhoo...whenever I think I need to learn how to actually sew (not just know how to work the machine), finish painting something, catch up on my Real Simple magazine, or anything, really, this one is on my heels ready to break out her paint, her cooking box, or a plethora of other messy time-consuming activities. The good thing is I usually learn more from hangin' with Homey than I do doing Grown Up Things. And it's usually a lot more fun
too. God bless little girls....
Especially the ones that know all the words to the Wonder Woman theme song (more on that later...)

I know that there are amazing women out there that do more in a day with way more kidlets, but takes a chunk out of your time/energy. Hey, productive moms with multiple children...what's the secret, yo?

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