Friday, February 5, 2010

The Other Busy B

Hi, I'm Tracy, the other half of the Busy B's. I live down the street from Julie in our adorable (and very quirky) little neighborhood with my husband of almost 5 years and our 2 year old daughter known as Thing 2 (also has many other handles such as Creature, Baby Hush, Precious Pudding, the list goes on...). I've been a SAHM since she was born and was not prepared for how it was going to change my life! Before Thing 2 showed up on the scene i was an independent woman running my own business. Now things are a bit different but i think I'm getting the hang of it (sometimes). I also love all things vintage. I especially have a fascination with mid century furniture. We were lucky enough to inherit some from both sides of our family. I would love to fill my house with nothing but retro pieces, unfortunately my taste is a little pricey (oops). Which means one of my favorite past times is to scavenge through consignment stores. I have such a habit that most of our friends get me to be on the look out for items in their houses.

My other past time is to try to sew and make jewelry. The biggest problem is finding and making time to do it. Which is where Julie comes in. Julie is my Sanity. I really don't know what I would be doing if she wasn't on this street. She's also my motivator. I always thought I was fairly organized and got things done until I met Julie. She's the fire needed to get this blog going and for me to start producing my crafts. And she loves my crafts which is a HUGE bonus (I love her art and crafts too ;).

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  1. Yes, you found my yellow chairs!!

    Oh, and don't forget that you totally like to cook ;)